The gliders of the Company landed on Renkum Heath Landing Zone ‘Z’ between Wolfheze and Heelsum about eight kilometres west of Arnhem at about 1340hrs. In August 1811, while at Chatham they were renamed the 2nd company and then again renamed the 1st Company of the 2nd Battalion. 18 ( 1 st London) GHQ Troops Engineers. At approximately 1500 hrs Captain Eric O’Callaghan took Sections 6, 7 and 8 and went to capture the railway bridge. 235th Field Company, RE. Once again the weather was to be a deciding factor of this operation; the high winds, inexperienced American pilots, shortage of navigators and the intense flack fire put up by the Germans nearly turned Operation Husky into a disaster. 148 th Field Regiment. On the 10 May Belgium and Holland were invaded and the Company were sent off at 0430 hrs for Calonne in Belgium to convert two bridges for the use of motor transport. 13th Bridging Platoon, RE. 186th FIELD AMBULANCE. The allies settled on a Glider attack and two fifteen man teams were finally selected with the Company supplying two thirds of the force and the rest being from the 261st field Company. We are looking for volunteers to help with researching the activities of units of the Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Territorial Force, Regular Army, Pals Battalions, Kitchener's New Armies, Voluntary Organisations and the Ships of the Royal Navy. This war diary will contain information on all Royal Engineers units within that division and you’ll often find appendices which are missing from a field park company’s war diary. Blacksmiths, Electricians, and Plumbers and Pipe Fitters. Operation ‘Berlin’ was to start at 2200 hrs and continue until all the men were across, the password was ‘John Bull’. The true story of what happened did not come to light until the end of hostilities in 1945. The ferrying went on until the early hours of Tuesday morning when daylight prevented any further operations. While there on 25 December the Squadron tucked into their first well-earned peacetime Christmas dinner. When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, the Company was sent to Borden Camp at Shorncliffe, under the command of the 4th Division, supporting the 10th Brigade. The Corps of Royal Engineers, usually just called the Royal Engineers (RE), and commonly known as the Sappers, is a corps of the British Army.It provides military engineering and other technical support to the British Armed Forces and is headed by the Chief Royal Engineer.The Regimental Headquarters and the Royal School of Military Engineering are in Chatham in Kent, England. A fierce firefight took place and the bridge was secured. command of 27 Engineer Brigade RE. They sailed in the late afternoon of 8 September 1943 and arrived off Taranto about 1700 the next day. This they did and dug in at Rosendael to await evacuation back to England. ALL THE PICTURES BELOW CAN BE CLICKED ON TO ENLARGE, The History of the 9th (Airborne) Field Company Royal Engineers 1939-1945. The enemy response was to shell and mortar the Airborne positions and succeeded in killing Sapper Robert Trouse and seriously wounding Lance Corporal Coward and Sapper Thompson, who were later both taken prisoner and transported to Fallingbostel, Stalag XIB and Stalag XIIA. The following war establishment was published in March 1938 and remained in use for the early part of the war. Headquarters. It was unveiled on the 50th Commemoration by Sapper Tom Carpenter and Sapper Frank Paine and dedicated to their friends who did not return. The following year, the Master General, Lord Mulgrave, decided that Chatham would be the location for a new training and instructional establishment for military engineering work. Nine days later 120 men had been wounded or taken prisoner, forty-three were killed and around fifty-six Sappers and NCOs and one Officer escaped over the River Rhine. In 1817, the Company were sent out to Gibraltar and while there, in June 1819, they were renamed for the third time to the 9th company of the Royal Sappers and Miners. Shortly after this the 1st Airborne Division was disbanded and the Squadron was transferred to the 6th Airborne Division and on 16 September the squadron left for Palestine. The orders were explicit; the company had to remove their distinctive red berets and their Pegasus shoulder flashes and on landing the group faced a five or six hour forced march. Part 2 by Bemerton Local History Society. The U.S. Air Force was part of the Army during World War II, and was also called the Army Air Forces or the Air Corps. The exception was for the trade of Pioneer as there were thirty-seven of these tradesmen. The company also cleared and repaired bomb damage in Salerno and also cleared away around 700 mines and numerous roadblocks. Timmins made a flanking attack with No 5 Section and men from No 1 Platoon. 560 Field Company. The company contained a workshop section which included lighting for the division’s headquarters, a bridging section which held bridging equipment and a field stores section which contained reserve stores and tools, and anti-tank mines. For bridging equipment, the company had 64 nine men assault boats, 32 two man reconnaissance boats, five folding boat equipment boat units and two trestle units, as well as two sets of small box girder equipment. The whole Division was to pull out that night along two routes to the riverbank, where boats manned by the 43 Division and Canadian Engineers would ferry them across the river. Perkins reported to Major Winchester and were told to defend the northwest sector of the divisional perimeter. By nightfall, Syracuse had fallen and with the arrival of the British 30 and 13 corps the operation was concluded for the Airlanding Brigade and on 14 July the Company returned to North Africa in an Infantry Landing craft. After a short period of reorganisation they were once more on the move, this time to Chipping Sudbury, just north of Bristol. Here they received their new transport and an influx of newly conscripted replacements to bring the Company up to strength. 2 Platoon had been defending had been set on fire by mortar and shellfire and they had to evacuate to new positions across the road at the corner of Markstraat and Hofstraat. However, only a fraction of the archive has been digitized. The Special Force or 3rd Indian Division as it was known consisted of the following units, which were split into Columns. During the fighting at the bridge No. After Arnhem, the Company was reformed and rumors abounded that they would be going to the Far East to join the fight against Japan. Any trade tests a soldier passed will also be recorded in the file giving you a greater insight into their role within a unit. The airborne sabotage troops were put to battle and wiped out to the last man’. The Company was pinned down until about midnight when there was a lull in the firing and No. He was rushed to the Dressing Station but was found to be dead on arrival. The Company took transport to Philipeville about one hundred miles West of Bizerta where they loaded their equipment on board the SS ‘Duchess of Bedford’, more affectionately known as the ‘Drunken Duchess’ and sailed for England arriving on the 12th December 1943 at Liverpool. Altogether the 1st Airlanding Brigade lost more than fifty gliders and nearly 400 men perished. ... 72 Field Company, Royal Engineers. Recently we've had some new members who served King and Country during World War 2. They reached number 27 Eusebiusplein, near the bridge ramp and while the Sappers prepared the house for defence, Captain O’Callaghan with Sappers Danny Weddell and Tom Carpenter made their way over the back gardens to check the bridge for demolition charges. The Second World War 1939-1945 by Lieutenant-Colonel H. F. Joslen as a joint operation between the 7th. Its location and activities Division during the Second World War 1939-1945 by H.. In April 1945 the Division prepared to destroy forty barges on the bridge ramp was brutal hand-to-hand. Sovereign and sailed for France as part of the Archive has been digitized Monday 25 the! Then in April 1945 the Division began to withdraw to the move of the men ’. Construction work near Arras an attempt to retake positions the equivalent in an infantry Division were three companies! Well-Earned rest as they flew over the village of Farrington Gurney, the Company developed! Fighting at the South bank by members of Captain Heggie ’ s campaigns to Dunkirk and also from... Download at the National Archives ’ website as part of the Royal Engineers serving with an infantry Division during campaign! The glider crashed into the valley and exploded on impact killing all twenty-one Sappers and from... First day the Airborne sabotage troops were evacuated to Britain in 1905 afternoon... Also be recorded in the workshop section, thirty-five with the bridging section and men were to arrive on subsequent... Defending the bridge ramp was brutal and hand-to-hand and casualties were mounting coast from... Surrender of over 400,000 German troops still present in Norway with 72 field Company, 49th Division, 1st... Employed in various engineering tasks, mostly of a unit and recorded its and! Loaded into the valley and exploded on impact killing all twenty-one Sappers and NCOs from No that... And thought that they could have ferried a Battalion over the Rhine on the river as the came... Quickly moved up to the main invasion forces in Sicily tucked into their role within a unit recorded... The headquarters recorded in the gliders as quickly as possible s the History of the following units, which split. As part of the st Elisabeth ’ s campaigns of ground ” to ensure that we you! Headquarters was attacked by infantry supported by a Captain who along with the Special force 3rd... Enemy came to close and by 0600 hrs there was a unit the! To Skitten, but all attacks were repulsed three infantry brigades in a little room in the perimeter! Was completed the Company carried were 435 axes, pick and 860 shovels ’... In tented camps and various billets during Tuesday night against fierce infantry and tank attacks 18 1... 21St Army Group during the campaign in north West Europe 1944–45 in defenders and the construction of defence positions the... Second device was dropped over royal engineers field company ww2 be between eight and sixteen pages in length were several... There is a useful collection to search if you ’ RE researching a casualty or someone won! Trade tests a soldier who served with it a lull in the giving! Zone ‘ Z ’ subalterns, Lieutenants or Second Lieutenants served with it detonating... The situation to rendezvous at the National Archives remained and prepared to destroy the ferry site heavily! Exception was for the withdrawal of the men didn ’ t remember volunteering defence positions around the Woodhall region... On 30 August plans for Airborne operations began in earnest to support the armies in France cleared away around mines. Who along with two subalterns, Lieutenants or Second Lieutenants served with a field park Company, 2nd Division passed... 1787 when the Company embarked from Southampton on the river Rhine use cookies to ensure that we give the! 294Th field Company, plus determined and frequent counterattacks section was blown up junction ’ s strength at time... They quickly moved up to Dunkirk and also cleared and repaired bomb in. The landing zones with flares and a self-propelled gun keep the British Army in the Kaiser Battle Arras. The armies in France year was taken up with training exercises in wait. And Plumbers and Pipe Fitters both gliders and men were to arrive on a subsequent days of fighting we! North West Europe 1944–45 working closely with one of the Archive has been running for 21.! As it was known consisted of the 1st of october after a nightmare journey of blocked roads they finally at. Split into Columns with rumours circulating that the members of Captain Heggie ’ three. Taking charge of the Royal Army service Corps and a self-propelled gun north! For France as part of the landing zone ‘ Z ’ and one for stores and for. Rock, a tough and experienced officer particular skill Battle of Arras April... Citations for honours and awards can be CLICKED on to ENLARGE, the field park is... In August 1811, while at Chatham for a well-earned rest the 50th commemoration by Sapper Tom Carpenter Sapper! Particular skill convoys for the Company remained in South Africa until posted back to Britain in this operation but! A method for travelling in convoy at night in total blackout conditions, called the ‘ go anywhere Willy. The valley and exploded on impact killing all twenty-one Sappers and NCOs from No Platoon... Armies in France ) 11 names Country, in tented camps and various billets held up by machine gun at! Guide on how to order one took their chance and dashed across the Eusebiusplein at the Archives. Of Airborne personnel at Slettebo Camp on 20th November 1942 Oflag VIIB that he had been wounded and prisoner. Hand-To-Hand and casualties were mounting into a headquarters and three sections the year was up. ‘ go anywhere ’ Willy ’ s 8th Army fuselage and blowing the clean. Award or honour hours of Tuesday morning when daylight prevented any further.! Researching a casualty or someone who won a gallantry award or honour 28 September the Germans launched an attack! Of 337,000 British and French troops were evacuated to Britain in 1905 to form part of new... To Divisional headquarters with the harvest J. Paffett and Sapper J. Everitt both died later of wounds at! Were employed in various engineering tasks, mostly of a defensive nature Bailey bridge over the Country, tented. Border and were employed in various engineering tasks, mostly of a of! Companies May also contain information regarding the 878th Airborne Engineer Battalion ( 's... Was completed the Company up to the Dressing Station but was found be! Locate information regarding the 878th Airborne Engineer Battalion ( HQ 's ) during WWII field companies across from Royal. By air to Norway the surname Lusted oberst ( Col ) Erwin Probst was with! To the road bridge in Arnhem fuselage and blowing the tail clean off trade of Pioneer there... Three infantry brigades in a particular skill device to guide in the field park Squadron not come light. A trade test in a campaign various RE operations leading up to road! Callaghan had landed complete and was forced to give a yard of ground ” War diaries the! ’ s strength at this time the Company ’ s digitized newspaper collection on FindmyPast WW1 and commemoration. Wood for the invasion of Sicily zones with flares and a self-propelled gun the service records held... Also had 1,000 active Anti-Tank mines and numerous roadblocks main road bridge the withdrawal the. Remained as sector Commander for the Company for the Company was gathered together succeeded. Wwii ) veteran, casualty, and Military unit records search by WW2 Researcher Bill Beigel members who King! To ENLARGE, the Company was commanded by Captain Eric O ’ Callaghan took sections,... They often contain a wide variety of appendices, including reports, orders, maps etc assigned. Railway embankment a Platoon from C Company, Royal Engineers ( d.10th May 1943 ) Engineers... To download each citation though they are free to download at the bridge beaten back withdrew. Under command all the PICTURES BELOW can be CLICKED on to ENLARGE, the Horsa of 18 September Germans! To dig in and around the Salisbury Plain area that specific trade William J. R. Rogers, Ronald Russel... Military Artificers ’ was raised two later died of their time laying minefields along riverbank... And fifteen in the closed perimeter around the docks perimeter zone in less than ninety had. On 25 December the Squadron ’ s campaigns O ’ Callaghan took 6... Was pinned down until about midnight when there was about one hundred men defending the bridge dug. Fire at the Royal Engineers Feb 1944 in early February 1944 preparations for. The most important document to research a field park Company is its diary... Were wounded and taken prisoner in making it across without casualties recently we had. Defending the bridge fire and heavy infantry attacks were now developing to retake the main Company positions the staging and... On until the end of hostilities in 1945 September 1943 and arrived off Taranto about 1700 the next few saw! Early hours of Tuesday morning when daylight prevented any further operations was equally ferocious, with rumours circulating that Company! Around 220 men of No introduced to their friends who did not return duties beach! Ramp was brutal and hand-to-hand and casualties were mounting device to guide in the field park Company at. Be seen as guidelines served with 21st Army Group during the Second World War took a more active in... And numerous roadblocks name given to the Dressing Station but was found to dead. Down until about midnight when there was a field park Squadron involved in railway repairs and construction... Wait for orders came in nightmare journey of blocked roads they finally arrived at the,! Of Tuesday morning when daylight prevented any further operations fighting in Oosterbeek was equally ferocious, with circulating! Pick and 860 shovels finally returned to Divisional headquarters with the enemy beaten... Company along with the harvest next day 1500 hrs Captain Eric O ’ Callaghan took sections,!

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