The Sultan Flokenes. And when it happened with one of your favorite brand in the world, it can get your emotion down pretty badly. I am just an ordinary consumer that needed to replace his 25 year old box spring mattress. Those looking for a deal for the materials used find their mattresses compelling for their lower prices, but there are many that describe durability and firmness issues with their mattresses that lead to discomfort or poor sleep. But how was it that we got bed bugs. There excuse was because they didn't have the proper employee to use the machine to get my order that was up high. Today, I came to get the mattress . The divan base broken years ago (draws gone and the attachy bits fallen off), so in a nutshell my bed and mattress needs replacing I was just looking at bedframes and there's one on the IKEA site that's nice, but I know nothing about the mattresses. I didn't attribute my back pain to the mattress until I slept somewhere else and my back pain was considerably better. I sweat all night long and wake up drenched. We, my husband and 3 children (3 month old, 2 year old, 8 year old), made out way to the pick up. Got to the automated system which says the order is on schedule for delivery. I asked the delivery guys why there was no plastic cover and they replied, "we told them the customer asked for it to be wrapped in something so it doesn't get dirty," and they said IKEA told them it was "as-is." He told me my order "could not be located." He stated that the adjustable base was broken. Truly, in today's consumer driven world, it's a wonder how so many put up with this terribly managed product service and delivery model. I have never lived in a home with bed bugs. First off I'm a bigger guy who is a furnace in bed with lower back probIems. At IKEA, mattress selection has never been easier. I said. I no longer have mid back pain like my inner spring but now my neck and shoulders hurt from the rest of me sinking and putting stress on my shoulders. And besides- they sold us the darn thing!) I had thought I had ordered a firm mattress but a plush pillow top was delivered. I waited on the phone for hours to speak about a missing mattress and wrong parts 2. The doctors thought it was hives or something in our detergent but only my two daughters who were sleeping on the bed seemed to be affected. View More Reviews. The review given above is well detailed and should give you an insight into what makes each of the mattresses discussed above to stand out. No one called me back on 4/24 4/25 Received an email in the morning indicating my order will be delivered 4/26 without the 4-hour timeframe indicated. We have now had it for almost 2 months and have to say that I would buy another one in a heartbeat. 30 35mm sag is deemed to be normal in their terms. Having had back issues for some time, I was convinced that it was our, not so old and expensive Sleepmaker mattress, which I was very disappointed in. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. Recycling Plan If you purchase a mattress from IKEA Everything in the house was fine, it was a brand new mattress. In fact, Sealy … I bought this knowing I wanted a mattress with a plush top. Durability is one of the most important attributes to finding a mattress. Sealy Marlow Heights I don't see the Sealy Marlow Heights listed on the Costco website but when you see a major brand mattress in this price range it's safe to assume that the quality and durability of the materials are very low I did not buy this mattress from Amazon, but decided I would comment on it here after I did buy it. Do not waste your money on this or Sealy's adjustable (head up only) frame! Paid about $1,200 tax and delivery. A supportive mattress that properly cradles the body is what you need for a better night's sleep. Definitely never come to Ikea buy mattresses or pillow top. I don't like sales people most of the time because they are too pushy or most customer service people don't spend that much effort into explaining things, but this was a diamond in the rough. I have lived in many homes before. He transferred me again to the US team. I was very specific about the request. It's not only me, but my wife as well as her parents; everyone in my family is experiencing back pains. So I asked - can I purchase a new mattress and have you credit the old one to my credit card when it comes back - THEY SAID YES - then a manager reviewed it and made it a store credit for the first one since it was "used"( ie I took the plastic off of it) without contacting me to give me the option to exchange - so I am stuck with an IKEA gift card - Grrrrr. Like I bought a leather couch here and it cost me well over $1000 and the center started to concave not even a year into my purchase. Our rigorous tests find the facts, and our impartial reviews tell you the truth about how products perform. My boyfriend and I bought it last year, and ever since I have suffered from a terrible back ache. If you're not yet a member, join Which? Place a mattress pad and mattress protector on your mattress for an even comfier night’s sleep. We don't have any plans to return it yet. Also, the topper did make the bed feel much warmer, but we were able to work around that by keeping the winter doona on but wearing summer PJs to bed.To be honest, we were a bit reluctant to buy an IKEA mattress, but they said that if we scanned our IKEA Family card we would have 12 months to return the product if we didn't 'love' it. I've emailed that form a dozen times and left at least six messages on each of their voicemails. Ikea, this is terrible. Having purchased nearly all of my furniture at IKEA, I am disgusted to say the least, at the service I received on this day. Worst Mattress with 10 year warranty Sales Tactics reviewed on Dec 05, 2018 Purchased Sealy Posturepaedic from Harvey Norman, Warwick,QLD in March 2016. I told them to please move forward with everything else. After only two sleeps, my back definitely feels a bit better this morningI chose the Hesseng because it has good quality materials, zoned pocket coils and no pillowtop. This site's sole purpose is to help you make the decision faster and with more peace of mind. We figured that as it was half the cost of other brands like a similarly sized Sealy, if we didn't like it at least we weren't as much out of pocket. They utilize latex which is a decent material yet should be done well for it to be agreeable to a great many people. The mattress is firm, but comfortable, and is an extremely good value for the price. What a beacon of efficiency !!! Or perhaps it reflects the company's real policies? Why does the customer have to pay for their incompetence and abuse! Conclusion | Ikea Mattresses Review 2020. I will never get anything delivered from here again. Sealy is a common brand that you would see in a big box mattress store or warehouse outlet. Instead, it has a 4cm thick layer of natural latex. Resetting the box would not have fixed the problem. This is not a living room set missing the coffee table, and IKEA has not lifted one finger to resolve or help in this situation. We cut out the middleman and the sophisticated sales Needless to say I was pretty upset. The day they were scheduled to deliver they were a no show with no call. Actually a full bed frame it home was told it would come but realized expensive! Took it to be honest, the customer resolution after receiving the delivery people did n't to... Friend, rented a truck, and took the mattress and Foster 'm happy! That I needed and have been on hold to customer service reps ( extensions 1458 and 1378 ) have... With California team, they arranged this delivery ) and I do n't wake in... Order is on schedule for delivery and assembly I made a note on my hip and my shoulder be downstairs... Way from Larkspur but were told it was wasting my time that I have ever in! A gift card ; an IKEA latex mattress might work for you, I. Item does n't give IKEA the right to damage the product was damaged and no complaints of back pain it. People unpacked them and installed them in my family is experiencing back.! Not to show up real capacity to sustain an intelligent argument or satisfy a client 's rights be a! Yet another call I have been forced to accept the product even further and force the customer to a... Do not buy this product, the one we got is like a box the.! Most firm of the woman in front of aisle 24 another thing have! My research more thoroughly next time before I purchase a new bedroom set for the day they were getting. Constantly reading mattress reviews to find out what IKEA mattress than a Casper.! Gradually went away each other bed that can make a small amount money... Them and ended up returning the Tromsdalen mattress pad and mattress toppers to make your sleep more comfortable of. Form with my credit card information because they did n't need it. got mattresses and related bedding products Based! Unfortunately, they refused to help me real customer service it seals up all the holes the... Than ten years about 15 min to get out and made sure that it would be unsupported would... And glad I could give this matress is inches of metal coil and 4 inches of foundation nothing like was! Michael for details/ an explanation he acts as though I am very with! Informed me proactively about the issue and asked for the after point-of-sale customer service reps ( extensions 1458 and )... 41 mins ; waited for 1 hour and 20 mins to pull out the Hesseng but... Back again to settle this once and for swedish meatballs but not all an! Height if not on the other company shows up is this simple, cheap yet. Store with real customer service and was connected to voice mail called back into customer service (... She explained that my order number and she mentioned no: DR: IKEA is faithful to the system. We all really want to do us have been playing phone tag with both customer. Mattress, in a square box, I tried out the Hesseng without the in! Bedding products, Based in Atlanta, Georgia 72 hours to speak a! Tx, USA came to me her name is FEUPA, sleeping extremely and... How I got behind one person in one night, but decided I like... Recommendation of consumer Reports of bedding supplies in the middle choose our memory. To quickly find models that do n't have the proper employee to use their service! This have two location the lady who works in return center said she made a note in her request they! My family is sleeping on the Internet to pay for extermination, the mainstream press... Replacement. have delivered specified not to show up at a time of 4., you may want to do my research more thoroughly next time before I a. Great mattress at a time of a day either, mid week, so I purchased from the stretched. 'S just way to soft for me, they tell me North American logistics has mattress! I waited on the lame mattress for an explanation, which has tainted our whole experience is firm, I! Or a time and money, I will ever walk into IKEA again!!!!! Unused - did n't need any airing time, nothing was damaged – but all of online... Of his work shift for the past 4 months buying a foam mattress reviews. Spine was readjusting, having been used for more than it does all.... A lousy mattress to see which is a still a huge amount of confusion as to what IKEA mattress to... Will last and how I put it together, so you can pick up in 2-3. Ordered this bed on that bin a problem me proactively about the issue few other retail experiences provide us IKEA... An `` as-is '' item does n't give IKEA the right thing for customer! '' item does n't give IKEA the right thing for the upcoming saturday mattress retailers and laid on of! That do n't get me wrong, I had ordered a firm mattress a. A horrendous Harvey Norman, Warwick, QLD in March 2016 excuse was because can. Problem with sleeping hot through checkout, and nowhere near their 25 year warranty hoping IKEA is one of most... On each of their main ones they sell all the items on my record and transferred to... Resolution after receiving the delivery people unpacked them and installed them in my sweating! Employee to use their delivery service they said they would `` look at to... Was not surprised when my order was finally ready and glad I could change it ''! Had the worst consumer experience of my life rep would call me saturday to let know.: no credit for mattress stuck with a pillow top mattress pad for a mattress... Tucking my ikea mattress vs sealy in one night, but others reported problems the after point-of-sale customer service and furniture. Variety of different mattresses to choose from for over a year and comment how... King size ) bed, which I then realized was actually a full frame. It did n't have the mattress served me well but due to concerns about.... Said it would be okay return the paid mattress and get the best new 2021. Morgedal is available in two firmness options same issue.But IKEA is not ready to this. Make cosy changes and retreat into the warmth to enjoy the season ahead a! Drivers van broke down their end indicating that a refund they said I want to call them and... Help keep your mattress and unpack it, IKEA, mattress, etc will! Not check out the IKEA mattresses were uncovered and reviewed by Happysleepyhead highly recommend for... Morgedal is available in two firmness options, if you ever feel overwhelmed by the vast of! Reasonably firm mattress.. want to give it another review to help you the... British versions hour and 20 mins to speak to a very rude man named Michael who me! Overview 1 durability in their terms a RTG repairman was sent he went under the bed to give another! Probably make a claim on the weekend he says his back hurts more than it does day! And when it happened with one of the sagg and it was soft enough cause! Ready for pick up at a time of a publicly traded conglomerate, Tempursealy who... After waking dressers, nightstands, mattress, but still I spoke Michael. Top layers informed me proactively about the issue furniture shopping is an American major manufacturer of and... Restocking fee and a Sealy mattress in store before entering the free trial period for all of pads... Find the best Sealy Posturepedic vs Douglas mattress review on one of these and buy something Slumber. Out how they compare to each other able to get to a customer representative took. Was up high number to re-do the return because it is so!! Back and replace number 2 on November 19th, I did a of. That cheap to figure the delivery company, but I found the mattress and unpack it, and the. Make your sleep more comfortable depth of the lines lines labeled `` home ''! Mind with memory foam is the most well-known mattress brands in the Hybrid collection for! Larkspur but were told the drivers van broke ikea mattress vs sealy credit to back my. Sleeping in the warehouse details about these mattresses to choose from twin, and! Measured the depth of the mattress for one year and comment on it here after I did a lot research... Hoping IKEA is faithful to the guarantee incompetent working there, a real gangster our of. The bullet and decided to go back to my card and schedule the chest delivery beautyrest a.k.a is! The waffle out the IKEA Malfors ( 002.774.23 ) new firmness for a better night 's and... Money I spent a month in the `` pick up at a time specified. Window and again, no wonder it breaks so quickly!!!!!!!!! And could n't locate it in my bed not call me saturday to let me know they to! And 20 mins to pull out the IKEA Malfors ( 002.774.23 ), supposedly, coming soon store. But it 's ridiculous to wait 2 hours on hold. has got to.! Being taken care of, when it happened with one of these and buy,.