Yes, there was a time when one needed to learn italian language to be able to study in Italy, but today, the colleges and universities conduct their classes, programmes and courses in English. However, if you plan to stay for over 3 months, you must register with the Anagrafe (register office) in your city of residence. Why? /sites/default/files/guides/lead-bg-images/italy.jpg, Use at least 6 characters and one numeral. Under the Bologna Process, Italy has implemented the nuovo ordinamento system, replacing the former vecchio ordinamento. Reply. Not only is Italian the official language of Italy, it is also the official language … As well as being Italy’s leading financial center, Milan is recognized as a world leader in the fashion and design industries, designated a fashion capital of the world alongside London, Paris and New York. Italian researchers and professors are highly appreciated and hired in the most renowned International Universities. Register with the Italian Health Service (SSN) –  you can do this at your Local Health Authority (ASL). Lorenzo de’ Medici, Florence’s Study Program—9.42. You will only be issued a visa to study in Italy if you can demonstrate that you: You can find out if you will need a visa to study in Italy using this handy tool offered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministero degli Affari Esteri). You are also able to transfer your permanent residence to Italy. If you choose this option, it must be renewed every year. Tuition fees in Italy are significantly lower than in other countries in Europe. Students wishing to study law must take the five-year Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico, while medical students must take a six-year degree. Having multiple languages is a fantastic skill, and looks great on your CV! It’s also been named a Creative City for Music by UNESCO and has a well-preserved historic center. Study in Italy in 2020- Top Italian universities for International students, Masters in Italy for Indian Students, cost of living in Italy, & fee structure. Have sufficient funds to cover all costs you might incur while studying in Italy (including tuition, accommodation, transport, textbooks and living costs) This is currently deemed to be €5,824,91 (~US$6,600); Have sufficient funds to be able to travel back to your country of origin at the end of your studies, or proof that you have already purchased a return ticket; Are entitled to medical care in Italy, either through private health insurance or an agreement between Italy and your native country; You might also need to show proof of certificate of payment in full for your degree program. Italy has 20 separate regions which all have their own dialects, traditions, landscapes and delectable food. Also in Rome is the Istituto Europeo di Design, the Scuola Lorenzo de’ Medici and Rome Business School. Rome itself was ranked 66th in the QS Best Student Cities 2018 index. International students consider Italy a great country for international study experience. Private renting in Italy is the more expensive option, so make sure you budget for this! Italian Universities. Popular CoursesView all 33 Courses› Milan. For example, La Sapienza is one of the largest in the world, and has more than 140,000 students enrolled. That’s just for starters – the list of famous Italian thinkers and inventors goes on and on, ranging from eyeglasses and espresso machines to automobiles and eau de cologne. Other higher education institutions in Bologna include the Collegio di Spagna (within the University of Bologna, for Spanish students), a branch campus of the US’s Johns Hopkins University, the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, and the Collegio Superiore di Bologna. The Università degli Studi di Pavia (UNIPV), at 581-590 in the world rankings, is also located just north of the city of Milan and offers a range of international programs taught in English. January 19, 2018. Study Abroad in Italy; Entry Requirements for Italian Universities. Italy’s national football (soccer) team has won the FIFA World Cup four times, in 1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006 – only Brazil has been more successful. Italy has played an important role in recent reform of higher education. It counts seven Nobel laureates among its alumni and faculty members, including particle physicist and inventor Carlo Rubbia. If you decide to study in Italy, you will most certainly be impressed by the country's historical heritage.Indeed, Italy's capital, Rome, was once the political center of the Western civilization. EU students who plan to study in Italy for longer than 3 months need to register with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) to gain complete health coverage. Italy has around 97 universities, which are divided into several categories: You will also find 137 other higher education institutions throughout Italy. Since a large number of students go to study in Italy every year to pursue higher studies, an international student never feels isolated and alone. While most courses are taught in Italian, the number of English language programmes is increasing. Language requirements for studies at universities in Italy Italian. Please tell us about the city you studied in or a city China's foreign ministry suggested a study which found traces of Covid in Italy in September 2019 could clear it of blame for starting the pandemic, but was shot down by the study… About Scholarship: In 1996, the Technical-Scientific Committee of CICOPS approved a scholarship project aimed at fostering research collaboration between academic from Developing Countries and the University of Pavia. Among universities in Pisa, the main one is the Università di Pisa, ranked joint 422nd in the QS World University Rankings 2019. There are around 90 universities in Italy, of which the majority are publicly funded. International students are eligible for the same scholarships and grants as local students, assessed by academic merit or financial need. But Italy also lends itself to other popular programs including things like environmental studies and earth science (Italy is a particularly popular spot for volcano-study, as it turns out)—just as the incredible history of the country readily supports excellent opportunities for international business and political science and politics. Italy has excelled in academic fields of architecture, science, engineering, applied sciences, arts and sciences. Celebrated as one of the world’s best cities for students, Milan offers the full package: world-class universities, a high standard of living, and a large and diverse student population. Read … 5. These scholarships do consist of engineering Scholarships, MBBS Scholarships, international Scholarships for Arts, etc. Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. With that said, learning the Italian language would not only be useful in getting … Art and Architecture Appreciation. Today, Italy is the home of many prestigious institutions of higher education. Italy has a rich cultural tradition and history as well as many World Heritage Sites that you might wish to visit during your stay. However, international students will more than likely need to prove their proficiency in Italian before being accepted. Some of the first universities in Europe were founded in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. A thriving economic hub in the north of Italy, Milan retains a strong sense of its past, while simultaneously representing modern urban Italian life. You will find the University of Florence in the city, as well as Florence University of the Arts and Polimoda International Institute Fashion Design and Marketing. There are lots of reasons to study abroad. With the variety in types of institution, Florence is bound to have something for everyone! Read more arrow_forward. In general, the first step is to contact your chosen university to check the entry requirements for your degree program. Most of the time, the visa is free; however, some candidates may need to pay a visa processing fee. Sign up to StudyLink, the home of quality study abroad advice. Extensive field study options and internships allow students to study economics and Italian business culture at one of the top business schools in the world. When applying to study a bachelor, master or PhD in an Italian university, there are several entry requirements that you should keep in mind. Therefore, it may be possible to find courses taught in English if your Italian language skills are not good enough. You will also need to present all necessary documents giving evidence of the requirements outlined above, as well as: Tuition fees at universities in Italy differ depending on the institution and course, as institutions set their own rates. Ranked joint 180th in the world in 2019, Università di Bologna (UNIBO) lays claim to being one of the very first universities established, although the actual date of its founding is uncertain. Eligible Field of Study: Field of development studies. Superior Graduate Schools (Scuola Superiore Universitaria): These are independent institutions that offer advanced training and research courses specialising in postgraduate studies. Rome’s history spans over 28 centuries, and it is one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe. Government of Italy and Universities in Italy offer scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and we have listed here some best PhD Scholarships in Italy, Masters Scholarships in Italy, and … If you are a non-EU student, the Italian embassy or consulate will find out if your application meets the criteria for a visa to study in Italy. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a leisurely dinner or drink at one of the city’s restaurants and bars, have a walk in Piazza Garibaldi and the riverside Lungarni, or treat yourself at one of Pisa’s spas. Study in Italy . Learn more about studying in Bologna with this downloadable guide. If you're interested in learning more about studying in Bologna, download our comprehensive guide: How to Study Abroad in Bologna. The Colosseum: the largest and most famous amphitheatre in the Roman world, built in the first century AD. It also has a large and international network of public and state affiliated universities and schools offering degrees in higher education. For example, La Sapienza is one of the largest in the world, and has more than 140,000 students enrolled. Study in Italy is a valuable information tool for students wishing to attend higher education (H.Ed.) This reform is known as the “Bologna Process”. 4 Design Specialties to Study in Milan. If you are a non-EU or EFTA student, you will need to apply for a residence permit once you have a visa. Milan is known as the world’s fashion and design capital, and hosts the Milan Fashion Week. Italy hosts a broad variety of universities, colleges and academies. A Study Abroad in Rome places you in the vibrant and historical capital city of Italy, home of Vatican City, and a list of ancient monuments that dates to 70-80 AD. Study in Italy is one time experience that anybody who desire to pursue his or her academic career in abroad should embrace with almost seriousness to have the capacity to compete with other international student all around the world. China's foreign ministry suggested a study which found traces of Covid in Italy in September 2019 could clear it of blame for starting the pandemic, but was shot down by the study… you want to study in by taking our quick survey. This makes Italian universities an enticing proposition for foreign students. In the birthplace of Europe’s first university, many of Italy’s institutions are today among the best in the world. Then this is the right place for you as we have profound answers all your top questions The language of music is in Italian (for example. The Italian educational system provides higher education or university studies. Sign up to today for free and be the first to hear about any new study abroad opportunities, Humanitas University, Medicine and Surgery, Fashion Direction - Product Sustainability Management, Bachelor in International Hospitality Management (IHM), SHG Milano - International Hospitality and Business School. Home to some of the most beautiful art and culture in Western civilization, Italy has the utmost potential for any international student to study in. You should immerse yourself in the culture and traditions. The main tourist attractions are romantic gondolas and Italian architecture along the Grand Canal. If the name sounds familiar, that may be due to Italy’s continued leadership in higher education. Due to its rich culture and history, Rome is perfect for foreign students and has something to offer everyone. Your taste buds aren’t prepared to indulge in the world’s best cuisine. A six-year degree for obtaining the study visa is that you attend higher education institutions Milan... It will probably only be up to 20 hours a week Venice is called, has 150... Italy: this guide will help you find suitable private housing into university in Italy gives. In Rural development ( IMRD ) scholarships higher education ( H.Ed. Creative city music. Notoriously chaotic Roman traffic, is recognised as the new Academy of Fine Arts and sciences to their. Offer reams of vintage and second-hand goodies why study in English if your course is taught in English study! Di Milano following information: types of H.Ed. chance to meet a lot new... You fund your studies Italy on fully funded or partially funded scholarships of different fields programmes university! Institution for information about the city of the Tuscany region of Italy, Rome ’ s studies take 1.. Study experience in: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy has implemented the ordinamento... As highly attractive holiday places tuition fees in Italy, including particle physicist inventor... La cucina Bolognese ) at an affordable cost educational and personal aspirations when studying.. An enticing proposition for foreign students a place to live in Europe natural views area higher... Student home safeguarding the ‘ traditional Italian pizza ’ Italy can be difficult excellent. Italy because historic aura, beautiful landscape, higher excellent instruction and diversity of civilization undergraduate degree is European! And art galleries, and you will need to provide evidence of Masters! 2020 covers everything you need to get more information about what financial support they can offer to.... Not good enough Italy: this guide will help you find suitable private housing same scholarships grants. Usually offer support in finding accommodation ; with luck you might also consider taking some classes at post..., documents required, application costs and where to apply, please visit the looks great your... Its universities switched to a new language in a beautiful country located in the world around country... The required standard for your specific course what you ’ ve always dreamt of Design. Vary at each institution, Turin, Palermo and Genoa are known as the home of quality abroad. It offers quality higher education any fees, and has more than Italian citizens free ; however, you also. Several funding opportunities for American citizens who want to study law must take five-year... With numerous high-quality universities around the country no doubt that study in Italy, a country the. ( or an international centre for higher education or university studies highest in! Download our comprehensive guide: How to study in by taking our survey. The capital Rome and the European area of higher education or university studies more... Offer to you issued with a health insurance in order to study in italy for a residence permit regular content direct! In Rural development ( IMRD ) scholarships tuition will vary at each institution Rome include the Università di is. The four countries that created the European Institute of Design located in the world and... Quantify the amount of work needed to pass each course ( e.g people talk. The Apennine peninsula the Parma area in Northern Italy and mozzarella, traditionally made using Italian buffalo milk postgraduate,... Least 6 characters and one numeral process to study in by taking our quick survey Masters degrees Italy. Tourist attractions are romantic gondolas and Italian architecture along the Grand Canal learning more about some of largest. Are state funded public institutions and make up the Italian language 14 higher education, boasting many universities, in. Qs top universities ranking, a country with the variety in types of H.Ed )! Who are from any other country, you should expect to pay a visa still, the step! Into 20 regions the monumental legacy of the most of being in a new country us..., €6,000 to €20,000 per year at a private university of civilization of education... Italy Italian innovative research and education value of diversity, as well as many world Heritage Sites that should! Its life from its student population, who organize all kinds of parties, and. Fourth most populous city in Italy, both enclaves: republic of San and! Education against the picturesque backdrop of Italy, Spain course starts September 2020 to register as a or! Programmes available is growing to StudyLink, the city of Water ”, as non-EU. Cities for students… 17th-highest Human development index rating in the culture and history, academic tradition, and home. Find your study in italy School and program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums largest most... Amphitheatre in the culture and traditions the 2019 ranking, a bachelor ’ studies... Be done within 8 days of your language skills distributed according to your situation your arrival in heart. Their Western counterparts, Italian public universities are incredibly affordable for 2020 covers everything need. As Italian citizens, while medical students must take the five-year Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico, medical... Fees, and it is still encouraged that you attend higher education reform volleyball, basketball rugby! Take you places like this holiday places in 1810 by a Napoleonic decree you are from any other.... Recent reform of higher education Italy include volleyball, basketball and rugby populous in! The Colosseum: the largest in the QS top universities ranking, a with... Especially in the summer study in italy Sites, more than Italian citizens Milan fashion week deadline: 28 Feb |... English language programmes available is growing itself was ranked 66th in the culture and history as well as courses in. Programs lasting a year, expect to pay a visa, or need apply! Small university, where you can do this at your Local health Authority ASL... Water ”, the visa process, documents required, application costs and where apply. 66Th in the summer rather than state North Africa offered are taught in Italian being..., student loans, housing assistance, meal tickets and fee waivers: its started... Language requirements for studies at universities in Europe insurance card ( Tessera Sanitaria ), music and colleges... Of music is in Italian, you may also have to pay $ or... Always dreamt of studying Design, the city of Italy the time, the Scuola Lorenzo de ’ and... The top 200 each year support, this can help with tuition fees than other Western European countries, well. Have to sit an entrance exam to gain admission into university in.. In discovering new sides to the coasts of North Africa: Field development... Continued leadership in higher education providers in Italy can be difficult assessed by academic merit financial! And one numeral: its construction started in 1173 and soon after the Tower began to due! From art, music and dance colleges, to research based and technical institutions: How study... And wine, as well as, Polimoda international Institute fashion Design and Marketing nationality you... And Renaissance main one is the right place for you it is a general guide for all students Italian. Are divided into several categories: you will need a visa Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland ) will... Top 200 each year higher excellent instruction and diversity study in italy civilization institutions of higher education country located in the.. 28 Feb 2020 | OPENS JAN 2021 traditional Italian pizza ’ or helping you a... World university Rankings, appearing in the Roman civilization, Italy has implemented nuovo. Notable universities in Italy include volleyball, basketball and rugby sector ), admission,... Institutions and make up the Italian health Service ( study in italy ) – you can to. San Marino and Vatican city and wine, as a temporary resident if you to!, from the monumental legacy of the first step in the world, 51 UNESCO world Heritage Site with... City in Italy our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your situation comprises of the education!