SHARE POST #2. ... best to do it right first time in my book. With this layout, the cooler consists of a series of fins placed over aluminum tubes, which are in turn, arranged in "S" patterns. ... Flex-a-lite 4190 Remote 6-Pass Transmission Oil Cooler - 16,000 GVW: Automotive. 99. Follow Jeremy's guide on the large variety of Demolition Derby radiators available at Speedway Motors. The conductivity of aluminum and added fins make these the best choice for performance and price. Part # D13225 is a 24-3/4 inch long fluid cooler that will provide more cooling than the heat sink style. Our top pick for the best transmission cooler is the B&M SuperCooler Automatic Transmission Cooler, which comes with a complete installation kit. expert reply by: Patrick B. In perhaps the most basic form of cooling available, I stuck a small 15mm x 15mm heat sink on the board's main SOC. When it comes to demolition derby racing, radiators are a key component to be the last car running. SOC start temperature: 44°C. reference. Includes two 3/8" NPT hose nipples to fit 3/8" hose. Heat sink transmission coolers are not the most common type of transmission cooler, but are still used, especially on older vehicles. This heat sink style cooler utilizes an aluminum body with fins to extract heat from the fluid in the cooler. SKU # 936700. I've been looking around and noticed there's not a lot about the effectiveness of these heat-sink type coolers. Size: 15" (length 17-1/2", width 2-1/4", height 3-1/8"). Their compact diameter means that they can be mounted in a variety of locations, such as on the frame rail next to the transmission, directly under the radiator, under the floorboards, etc. 24" Finned Aluminum Heat Sink Transmission Cooler $55.00. These coolers utilize a unique finned aluminum design that disperses heat throughout the body of the cooler without the use of incoming air, unlike other trans coolers. I really like the convenience of bolting it to the frame-rail right next to the transmission and only … //