This came from the Dino-Riders Adventure Vol. There may have been more. [5][6], In 1984 Tyco produced its own interlocking brick product, "Super Blocks". (more…), Category Graupner | Tags: 1/12th,1980's,Graupner,Models of the 1980's,Races,Super Speed Race Car | Comments Off on Graupner Super Speed Race Car. III C-3000E. The brand survived into the 2000s and beyond as the Mattel Tyco R/C division, while much of the Sesame Street line, Magna Doodle, and the View-Master were transferred to the Fisher-Price division. Discover (and save!) (The locomotives are also available with DCC and sound.) No remote and there are two broken tabs that hold the front of the wing on. Some Tyco R/C toys defy classification or go beyond your usual RC car or truck. At the rear the differential is fitted in a simple metal holder. A rheostat brake worked in conjunction with a somewhat simple speed controller. Other Tyco R/C toys resemble insects or entertain with their own brand of looks and stunts. These products, also available as assembly kits, were sold under the TYCO (for Tyler Company) name. Tyco's Sesame Street line increased dramatically in popularity in 1996, when the plush doll Tickle Me Elmo became the most sought-after toy of the Christmas season. (more…), Category Kyosho | Tags: 1980's,Kyosho,Models of the 1980's | Comments Off on Kyosho Vanning Integra 4WD, Featured here is the 1981 version of the Serpent Mk. (more…), Category Kyosho | Tags: 1/18th,1980's,Models of the 1980's | Comments Off on Kyosho Williams Honda FW-11B – 1/18th scale F-1 racer, This 1/12th Ishimasa FF12E chassis from 1979, world’s first front wheel drive rc car. The uprights are also die-cast aluminum. (more…), Category Graupner, Kyosho | Tags: 1980's,1982,Kyosho,Models of the 1980's | Comments Off on Kyosho Blizzard 1982 (Graupner Pistenbully), The advertisement of theSerpent Quattro Mk.IV, Category Serpent | Tags: 1980's,Models of the 1980's,Quattro,Serpent | Comments Off on Serpent Quattro Mk.IV, The PB Bullit 1/8th scale nitro onroad car of 1982 reviewed by Radio Control Model Cars, Category PB | Tags: 1980's,Bullit,Models of the 1980's,PB | Comments Off on PB Bullit – 1982, The Mardave Competition Special 1/8th scale nitro onroad car of 1982 reviewed by Radio Control Model Cars, Category Mardave | Tags: 1980's,Mardave,Models of the 1980's,U.K. TYCO. There was a RC Lamborghini that TYCO made that only came in two colors, Red & Black. There was a Porsche 917, the Savanna RX-7 a Renault Mirage. $9.05 shipping. Eventually the name changed to TYCO Industries, under which name the company was sold in 1970 to Consolidated Foods during an era of corporate conglomerates. google_ad_width = 250; Hot Wheels Hot Rods Tyco Slot Cars Slot Car Sets Las Vegas Track Pictures Party Poker Cars Vintage Jack O'connell. This car over all is very clean and shows minimal use. We scanned some brochures and published them for you! First one of the “Jet Outlaw” sprint cars that I’ve seen. Not Tested. (more…), Category Graupner | Tags: 1/12th,1979,1980,1980's,Graupner,Models of the 1980's | Comments Off on Ishimasa FF12E (Graupner). $40.00 shipping. Sea Arrow Remote Control Boat by Tyco. Scans from a german magazine from may 1987 with nice pictures of the Serpent Spirit 1987 and some pictures of Richard Rijkers from the Netherlands. //-->,