Students and trip leaders: prepare for an unforgettable trip to the Island of Puerto Rico - a U.S. territory - so no passport is required. The medical observation is optional, only available at CPI Heredia … Language Immersion classes can be combined with any of the Cusco/Cuzco based volunteer projects: teaching, medical, orphanage support, pre-medical. in San Juan to interview the owner Sacha Delgado about their immersion program and witness that you can and you should learn Spanish in Puerto Rico. To avoid those pockets where students may find locals and tourists that speak English, Sacha strategically located her school out of those areas. Beginner Spanish Online Live Apr 7, 2020 – Apr 7, 2020. I'm from the south east in the USA and so a round trip plane ticket is $100 give or take and the program costs are pretty low. Vivir la Isla del Encanto 10-Day Guided Language Immersion Program in Puerto Rico. In order to prepare your medical Spanish course, please submit your Online Placement Test, let us know your specific medical profession (and specialty if you have one) and tell us if you would like to focus on any specific topic.. Medical Spanish classes are mainly offered through One to One Spanish Lessons.Students can have from 2 - 6 hours of lessons per day. Student travelers will want to visit Puerto Rico to refine their Spanish speaking skills. Puerto Rico has everything – old cities, new cities, mountains, beaches, and wonderful people. Register for Medical Spanish Classes. Students will be able to implement what they learn on day #1 … Minneapolis, MN 55423 Study Spanish in Puerto Rico, Spain Spanish immersion Teens Adults, Medical Spanish CMEs Spain Costa Rica Puerto Rico, Costa Rica Spanish immersion schools, French Teen Summer Programs, Italian Teen and Adult Summer Language Immersion, Spanish immersion language schools, Spanish immersion schools Puerto Vallarta, Spanish immersion Mexico, Learn Mexican Spanish :: … //-->. Current Locations for Pre-arranged Medical Spanish Programs. Puerto Rico is a pragmatic destination for the money-conscious traveler. This program is appropriate for those wanting to learn Spanish quickly, and is suitable for adults of all ages.. No Spanish text book is required, they will provide you the materials needed depending on the level you are in. Territory, Puerto Rico has many comforts of the mainland, while distinctly having Spanish as the major language of the island. He is in a Spanish immersion program right now. I've looked over the entire internet about a million times and as of right now I'm set on Puerto Rico. Spanish lessons are half day while you volunteer the other half day. The Best Spanish Immersion Programs CULTURAL CLASSES. *Additional gateway cities are available: contact us for pricing. I want him to continue his education in Puerto Rico. You’ll see them all and make new friends everywhere you go. Beginner to advanced students are welcome to participate. Access hundreds of lesson plans, printables, realia, song activities and more! I.S.L.A. Puerto rico - price points 2014